A community recovers after a devastating flood

HUMPHREYS CO.,Tenn. — A community recovers from a record breaking flood.

Middle Tennessee experienced record breaking floods on Saturday.

Around twenty bodies have been declared deceased, while nearly 40 people are still missing.

“Yesterday morning when I got up, I looked out the back door and the creek was already at the bank level. And I told my daughter we going to have to hurry up and get out,” said resident Lisa Box.

Lisa is a resident of Waverly and she says she was stuck in her home for 45 minutes before being rescued.

“The flood waters started rushing so quickly. But that they were able to get out, but I stayed behind,” Box said.

The city experienced up to 17 inches of rainfall. Residents say they received a flash flood warning, but didn’t know the severity of the warning.

“I’ve never seen anything this bad here. I mean our house got flooded in 2010, it wasn’t anywhere near this bad,” said volunteer Stormy Furlough.

Trisha Vitellaro wasn’t at her house during the storm. When she came home she was greeted by a debris filled yard and a flooded home.

“I broke down. He had to keep me from falling on the ground, it was bad. It was worse than I thought it’d be,” Vitellaro said.

Vitellaro says three of her pets were in the house during the storm, unfortunately they were unable to escape.

While residents are salvaging what they can, what many are asking for are prayers.

“Just everybody pray for everybody down here. We all need prayers. There’s people that lost family and we all need prayers,” Vitellaro said.

If you or anyone you know are affected by Saturday’s flood, contact Humphreys County Sheriff’s Department at (931) 296-2301.

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