Jackson company calls for help for flood victims

JACKSON, Tenn. — The Lewis Corporation is currently accepting donations for Middle Tennesseans affected by deadly floods.

“What we are accepting is canned foods, clothing, shoes, tents, chargers, cleaning supplies… Again, anything they can utilize for the flood victims,” said Lewis Corporation Operational Manager Jade Felix.

The corporation asks that all donations but tents, blankets, and comforters be brand new and unopened.

“It’s really amazing what people have brought, even the things I wouldn’t have thought of people have brought,” Felix said. “But they can also bring tents, blankets, comforters, and they don’t have to be brand new. They’re accepting anything that will keep people warm and keep people healthy and safe.”

To distribute donations, the company needs volunteers.

“So if anyone does have a truck they can donate for us to use in the meantime, or volunteer for us to use in the meantime, we would truly appreciate that,” Felix said.

You can drop off donations at the Lewis Corporation office. They’ll be accepting donations during business hours until 5 p.m. at 127 Devonshire Square in Jackson.

“We don’t have an end date,” Felix said. “We’re gonna be accepting donations until they don’t need them, or until people aren’t bringing them anymore.”

If you’d like to donate after 5 p.m., you can call the office and your donations will be handed off to an employee.

For more information on how you can help flood victims, click here.

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