TEC finishes project, bringing faster internet to Benton County

ERIN, Tenn. — TEC has completed construction on its Benton County Fast Fiber Internet project.

Tec Internet

The news release from TEC says the project took place in the northern part of Big Sandy.

With over $2.3 million invested, TEC says this completion will connect 500 homes and business in the area.

“Benton County Electric System is honored to work with TEC for many years in reaching these underserved communities,” said Scott Owens, General Manager of Benton County Electric System. “Our open and mutual alliances allow TEC to connect more homes in Benton County using our open-access fiber model. Benton County Electric’s service helps TEC reach the areas, where TEC is able to build and connect the homes to a cutting-edge high-speed fiber-optic Internet network. Once a dream for citizens is now quickly becoming a reality. Enabling opportunities like never before.”

Officials with TEC say this will improve the county.

“TEC is pleased to provide fiber internet service to almost 2,000 locations in Benton county. Access to this level of high-speed broadband is life changing for many households”, said Lisa Wigington, TEC Vice President of Strategic Operations. “Having the ability to participate in school virtually, attend doctor’s appointments through telemedicine, work from home, stream your favorite movies or all of these at once are now possible with Fast Fiber Internet.”

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