Severe Storm Threat Returns Friday. Coldest Weekend this Fall on the Way!

Thursday Night Forecast Update

Thursday Night Forecast Update for October 14th:

The greatest threat for severe weather this fall will be here on Friday. The strongest and possibly severe storms will move through West Tennessee between 2-8 PM. All severe weather modes including tornadoes will be possible. We are under a slight risk (2/5) in Jackson and areas to the north. Behind the front the coldest weather so far this fall will be moving in for the weekend. Catch the latest details and hour by hour breakdown of your storm threat, plus the latest on chances for 30s moving in this weekend, all coming up right here.

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Clouds will move in tonight and some isolated rain showers and weak storms are expected to develop for some of us. Chances for rain and showers overnight sit around 40%. Severe storms are not likely tonight but cannot be ruled out. The winds will be calm in general unless you get caught in one of the pop up storms. Overnight lows will remain high due to the high humidity and cloud cover and will only dip into the upper 60s for most of us.

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Cloudy skies are expected on Friday with only a few of us seeing a quick break in the clouds. Highs should reach the low 80s for most of West Tennessee before the showers and storms fire up in the afternoon hours. We will deal with some early day showers and storms but the greatest risk for severe weather will start at 2 PM and stick around until around 8 PM. Gusty winds will be the main threat, but some hail storms and a few tornadoes will also be possible as the front comes by. Be sure to stay weather aware Friday afternoon as this is our greatest threat for storms so far this fall. Winds will be breezy out of the southwest and chances for rain sit between 80-90% on Friday. Behind the front temperatures are expected to plummet all the way down into the 40s by Saturday morning.

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The coldest weather this fall will be moving in for the weekend and we will see our first chance for 30s this fall. The coldest weather is expected to move through Sunday morning. Saturday morning we will drop into the mid to upper 40s and highs Saturday will only make it to the mid to upper 60s. Sunny to mostly sunny will hang around all weekend long but so will a stiff northerly breeze which will weaken as the weekend goes on. Sunday morning the majority of the viewing area will be down near 40°. Sunday highs will again only reach the mid to upper 60s but sunny skies will be likely. Rain is NOT in the forecast this weekend after the sun comes up on Saturday.

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A cool start to next week is likely but the sun should be dominating the skies as well. Sunny to mostly sunny skies are likely for Monday and Tuesday. Highs will make it back into the low 70s on Monday and the mid 70s on Tuesday. Both morning though we should start in the 40s with Tuesday morning being a few degrees warmer then on Monday morning. The winds will start to come out of the southeast on Monday and turn to the south on Tuesday helping temperatures begin to warm up some. Chances for rain is 0% currently for the start of next week.


An increase in clouds is expected on Wednesday and Thursday as southerly winds will begin to draw up gulf moisture. This will increase our morning temperatures to back into the 50s. Highs will reach the mid to upper 70s on Wednesday and Thursday depending on the amount of cloud cover we see. The winds will be out of the southwest on Wednesday and shift to the west or northwest Thursday as the next front comes by. Rain chances could return late Wednesday but Thursday looks to be our next chance at dodging more storms as the front passes through. We will keep a close eye on next weeks forecast once we get through Friday’s chances of severe weather first.

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Not only are we still in the middle of tropical storm season, we are now moving into our second severe weather season. So you need to stay weather aware to changing weather patterns and monitor the forecasts closely. We got you covered in the WBBJ 7 Storm Team Weather Center as always.

For tips on preparing for the storms, click here. To download the WBBJ 7 Weather app, click here.

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