Hazardous waste collection returns to West TN

JACKSON, Tenn. — The waste collection is finally back.

Hazardous waste could be dangerous if not thrown away correctly, and the City of Jackson wants to help you properly dispose of those items.

“Today we’re having our household hazardous waste collection day. And we are collecting hazardous waste from around your home and this year we are adding recycling,” said Wendy Braxter-Rhyne, Storm Water Program Manager, Jackson-Madison County.

The City of Jackson hosts the collection day only two days out of the year, bringing people from all over West Tennessee.

“That’s why we’re having the event. So you can dispose of your hazardous waste responsibly and safely. And it keeps it out of the regular trash, landfills, and our storm water system,” Braxter-Rhyne said.

Household hazardous waste can be considered as antifreeze, motor oil, fertilizer and more, but for the first time this year you can bring your paper and cardboard to be recycled.

“Just give the public an opportunity to recycle and to get rid of their documents, just to get involved with recycling,” Braxter-Rhyne said.

Along with recyclable items you can bring your prescription medicine to safely and securely dispose.

“Just any kind of medicine, when you have that laying around it’s at risk of getting into the wrong hands. Whether it’s your child or just somebody who’s not sure what it is, they might think it’s something else. So we want to reduce the risk of somebody having an overdose,” said Sarah Mays, Hybrid Lifeline Peer Project Coordinator, Jackson-Madison County Prevention Coalition.

If you are unable to throw away your hazardous waste, it’s best to keep the items in its original container and store it in a safe place away from others.

The next household hazardous waste collection day will be held in the spring of 2022.

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