Madison County Sheriff Mehr’s tips to a safe Halloween

JACKSON, Tenn. — Halloween is indeed a scary holiday, but is also one of the deadliest days for children in the entire year.

Law enforcement wants to warn you of the real dangers.

To keep your child safe, Madison County Sheriff John Mehr advises you to plan the trick-or-treat route in advance.

“If you’re familiar with the roads in your neighborhood, and that’s where I would suggest. You know how the people drive in those neighborhoods. You go to another one. You don’t know those people. You don’t know how they drive in. They could come flying down there and hit a whole group of children. And that’s happened, and we don’t want it to happen here,” Mehr said.

When trick-or-treating, be sure to walk on sidewalks, don’t cross the street without looking both ways, and make sure you and your kids are visible with flashlights and reflective tapes on costumes and bags.

If you are trick-or-treating at strangers’ homes, never approach a home with the lights off and never go inside.

Mehr also encourages you to look and know where all sex offenders are located.

“Look at the website. Website under TBI. See where they are throughout your neighborhood or your city or your county and take advantage of it because it’s there for a reason. So you will know that and just be prepared, but stay with your children,” Mehr said.

Parents, be sure to check your child’s candy, and never take anything else while trick-or-treating.

“They want it, but you know you need to look at it and inspect it in some good light because you never know what somebody may do. Or it may be something that’s bad. So don’t take chances,” Mehr said.

Most importantly, don’t take your eyes of the kids and stay within a short distance.

“Enjoy yourselves. Have a safe Halloween, and if you need us, sheriff’s department is always there,” Mehr said.

If you see something unusual or suspicious on Halloween night, call the Madison County Sheriff’s Office at (731) 423-6000.

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