Jackson restaurant hosts ‘Day of Giving Hope’ fundraiser

JACKSON, Tenn. — Women of Hope is a faith-based rehabilitation treatment program to help women break the cycle of addiction.

Thursday, the nonprofit hosted their 12th “Day of Giving Hope,” an all-day fundraising event at Hope Cafe & BBQ.

“We’re just giving God the glory and just looking for favor in the community to continue to help these women that are caught in the cycle of addiction,” said Hope Recovery Center Executive Director Marcie Hendrick.

Together, the Women of Hope are serving food, taking donations and holding a silent auction on Facebook. All of the money raised will benefit their center and sponsor their recovery.

“All the funds taken in today will go to help the Women of Hope because, you know, when we get women they’ve lost everything and most of them come straight from jail,” Hendrick said.

The mission is to reunite these women with their families and children, and back into the community. Their goal this year is to raise $100,000.

You can show your support by getting breakfast, lunch or dinner at the the Hope Cafe, participating in the silent auction on Facebook, or by making a donation here.

“I’d just like to say thanks to all of our supporters,” Hendrick said. “We couldn’t do it without you for your prayers, your finance, your support, and just always being there for us.”

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