Law enforcement search wooded area in east Madison County

MADISON COUNTY, Tenn. — A mystery is taking shape on the Madison-Henderson County line as a heavy presence of law enforcement is in a wooded area near Gurley Creek Road.

Law enforcement from different agencies are on the scene. The FBI Evidence Response Team was very visible as they searched the rural area.

Thursday night, chainsaws could be heard in the nearby woods, and law enforcement was going roaming the area on four-wheelers.

Friday, the work continued as many law enforcement officials were seen digging holes using heavy machinery.

Through trees and bushes, they could be seen using three excavators and several shovels to investigate the heavily wooded area.

They dug for over two hours and were taking dirt away to be processed.

At this time it’s unknown what was found or what they’re looking for or even why they are there. But they were using a tarp and buckets to further the digging.

Neighbors say they’ve been searching this area for the past couple of days and are concerned as to what is going on.

Law enforcement spent most of the day at the scene on Friday. The FBI has no comment at this time.

Law enforcement says there’s no concerns of safety or threat to the community at this time.

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