Local heroes honored at the 7th Annual Veterans Parade

JACKSON, Tenn. — In preparation for Veterans Day, Jacksonians recognized those that served.

West Tennessee veterans were recognized for their service Saturday.

The Veterans Coalition held the 7th Annual Veterans Parade through downtown Jackson.

Robert Jones served in the U.S. Army and says the parade has created a special bond for those that have served.

“We have both, more participants in the parade and viewers come down to see the veterans. It is getting to be more like a big family coming together and it is a lot of fun,”Jones said.

Ed Jackson says he and his family come to the parade every year. And say recognizing those that gave to their country is crucial.

“Freedom is not free in this country and we are still fighting today for our freedoms. And so we have to come out and support all of our men and women who have put on the uniform. We love our veterans.” Jackson said.

Barbara Smith says she loves coming to watch the parade and support the veterans.

“We had a front row seat and the parade was wonderful. We loved it when the fireman hoisted the flag and each person that was participating in the parade did a wonderful job,” Smith said.

Veteran Hugh Culver says seeing the community come out and supporting them gives him a sense of pride.

“The admiration of the people, to see the light in their eyes as you go down through there. The recognition that you get is paying back. It really feels good,” Culver said.

Jackie Utley with the Veterans Coalition, says veterans can never receive enough recognition for the sacrifices they have made.

“A lot of our veterans were not thanked properly when they returned home, and it is our duty to let them know that we appreciate, honor, and love our veterans,” Utley said.

“Thank you for your service, veterans,” Jackson said.

Utley says they will continue to honor veterans for the upcoming Veterans Day Wednesday.

Watch the full 7th Annual Veterans Parade coverage here.

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