Organizations gather for Pray 4 My Hood Prayer walk

JACKSON, Tenn. — Hogmob Ministries and The Dream Center of Jackson held a Pray 4 My Hood outreach event. The groups traveled the community praying for those who might need direction.

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“We go across the country into urban communities and make sure that they know the love of Christ is there for them. And they can accept Jesus Christ and receive salvation, but it starts with them just accepting. It starts with them repenting those sins and that’s what we’re out here doing right now,” Pray 4 My Hood minister, Justin Cole.

Cole, also known as Seven Deuce, is a minister for Pray 4 My Hood and says before finding Christ he had a troubling past.

“Looking for love trying to fill that void and didn’t really have any guidance at my household. So I found it in the streets and as far as you know how the streets are, they’re going to embrace you. They’re going to sell you that lie and tell you how much you know, they love you, be there as the father figure that I didn’t have inside my house hold,” Cole said.

After years of living the street life, Cole’s brother introduced him to Christ changing his life forever.

“He had found the Lord first and he began to basically disciple me. And started lacing my boots when it comes to being a believer and you know, just showing me the ways. And the holy spirit fell upon me one day and I gave my life to Christ and I’m here before you now,” Cole said.

 Now 13 years later, he’s spreading the gospel one step, and neighborhood at a time. 

“We just want to love the community and show them that Jesus hasn’t forgot about them. Regardless of the flaws of man and whatever else they may have gone through you know, human beings are flawed. And we tend to do things that at the end of the day, will make people feel that they’re not wanted. But Jesus doesn’t get down like that way, so we’re out here spreading the love of Christ today and the true gospel of Jesus Christ,” Cole said.

The groups ended their day with food, games, and a free concert.

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