Recruits sought for fire department’s CARE Team

JACKSON, Tenn. — Right now, the Jackson Fire Department has an average eight to 10 minute response time.

But with your help, they can get that down to four minutes.

The department is asking individuals within the city limits of Jackson to join their CARE Team, standing for the “Cardiac Arrest Rapid Engagement” teams.

These individuals must be willing to respond to medical situations, and help individuals experiencing sudden cardiac arrest.

If you are interested, the fire department will provide hands-only CPR training, AED training, and will respond with you.

The fire department is looking for up to 150 individuals to see the best results and save many more lives.

“I just plead that if you want to help your neighbor, or it could be your family member. It could be anybody that you know or love. You have the chance, your will [to] empower you to help save a life. All you got to do is just reach out to us,” said Nathan Schrupp, Medical Officer for the Jackson Fire Department.

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