Jackson church hosts Commitment Day

JACKSON, Tenn. — One local church held their day of giving.

“We just try to give back to God what he has allowed us to do all year,” said Vaddy James, church member and Commitment Day coordinator.

For members at St. John’s #1 Baptist Church, this Sunday was all about giving.

The church has a Commitment Day every year to challenge members to dedicate 500 dollars. And anyone who is not a member to give what they can.

“To show their responsibility at the end of the year. We ask for 500 dollars, from January to today. They have reciprocated and we are grateful that God has done a magnificent thing today,” said pastor Gerald Thomas.

Thomas says with the pandemic, relying on the members to give a commitment is more important than ever to keep spreading the word.

“We are in a pandemic and we don’t have one hundred percent membership. There are a few people that have shown their responsibility to keep the church flowing,” Thomas said.

Church member, James says they are hoping to raise 50 thousand dollars and put it towards paying off the church.

“It is a fundraiser for our building. Our mission right now is to get enough money to pay our church off, where we can be debt free,” James said.

James has been a member of the church her entire life, and says she is grateful to be apart of expanding the church.

For our church, we need more than this. We want a gym for the kids and a computer room to teach tutoring in our church,” James said.

She says that they are blessed to still be able to meet together and give back.

“We have been blessed. We just want to praise God for all of the goodness and even during the pandemic, he still allowed us to be here,” James said.

Thomas says members will start preparing their gift for next year’s Commitment Day.

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