Deals continue at local businesses for Cyber Monday

JACKSON, Tenn. — Local stores continue to keep the hot deals and super savings going. With Black Friday and Small Business Saturday sales, several shops are making sure online shoppers get a chance at the great deals.

“Because it is mainly an online day, we will keep our 15% off that we had for Small Business Saturday and we will let that go through today,” said Tamy Lewis, owner of Sassy Grace/Southern Gent.

Lewis says Cyber Monday reaches a wider audience and they get sales from anywhere.

“We had a shirt that got shipped out to New Orleans Saturday morning,” Lewis said. “You never know when that is going to pop up. It may be Minnesota, Wisconsin or California, so we always appreciate our online shoppers.”

York Laine Boutique owner Brooke Hinson says they were open both Friday and Saturday, and says the business last year didn’t come close to this year.

“We still had a great Black Friday last year, but it was nothing compared to this year,” Hinson said. “Everyone was so excited and it was like the holidays were back to normal, and that felt amazing.”

Hinson says due to the pandemic last year, they had to grow their online business, and that has helped sales grow online more for this year.

“Because we had to put more effort into our online store, we created more sales for this year too,” Hinson said. “We had to perfect something in order to grow our business and it just ended up being something we could use on both ends.”

But because of that success, she says they had to resort to social media for Cyber Monday with what was left in inventory.

“We kind of had to pause our website because inventory was just all over the place,” said Hinson. “The best way to shop our Cyber Monday today is on Instagram through stories and Facebook.”

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