Local businesses prepare for busy holiday season

JACKSON, Tenn. — With Christmas only two weeks away, many shops are preparing their stores for the holiday shopping frenzy.

“Definitely the busiest season of the year,” said York Laine Botique co-owner Brooke Hinson. “Double the walkthrough, double the online orders, it’s constant, just getting everyone ready for Christmas.”

And the way that York Laine Boutique is doing that is by stocking up.

“We’re trying to get our hands on as much inventory as we can,” Hinson said. “There’s obviously shopping hiccups right now, but as long as we can stay stocked, we’ll be okay.”

Shipping is extra delayed this holiday season, but York Laine is staying one step ahead.

“We have a little bit of back stock always just to stay on top of things, but instead of getting things daily, we may get a lot of boxes at once.”

After being wiped out on Black Friday, the boutique is preparing their store for the Christmas season.

“We just ran through our biggest sales of the year with Black Friday and Cyber Monday, which was 25% off,” Hinson said. “Probably the day before Christmas we’ll run another surprise percentage off.”

But if you still don’t know what to get, you can always head inside to view the shop’s ‘hot list.’

“Most of the time when people come in, they’re shopping for their daughter, their niece,” Hinson said. “So we give them our ‘hot list’ of the best things that they could pick. We try to carry all of our hot items in multiple colors, multiple styles.

The shop is located in the Shoppes at Thomsen Farms on Union Univeristy Drive in Jackson.

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