Multiplying Good: Dusty King

It’s time for Multiplying Good. It’s an award given to people making a positive impact in the community.
It’s in partnership with Leaders Credit Union.

Dusty King is a woman with a passion for baking and a heart for helping others, and is now combining the two. King says when the pandemic hit, many people in her community became isolated. However, for her, that didn’t have to mean feeling alone.

“I just wanted to stay busy and you couldn’t be in contact with people very much so I baked. I baked all the time. I baked cookies I would take cookies just as a little happy to friends and church people, people that were shut in,” King shared.

She provided rides to doctor visits, went shopping for those who couldn’t, and even provided her own version of meals on wheels.

“I often just left things at the door and that’s kept me going… kept me going… gave me a purpose and that was… that was very important,” King explained.

She even made sure no one felt alone during the holidays.

“You know you couldn’t be with your children and so that year there were several of us my age and we had all gotten our vaccines. We couldn’t be with family and so we had our own little mother’s day. I’ve done that at Thanksgiving. People who may not be able to be with other members then they came to my house,” King said.

She says giving back feels good and helps her feel alive.

“In our church service you say ‘go out into the world with, you know, loving kindness with gladness in your heart’ and that’s that’s what I think is very important,” King shared.

If you know someone doing good in their community, you can nominate them for the multiplying good award by clicking here.

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