Families gather to see Christmas lights around Jackson

JACKSON, Tenn. — Christmas is nearly here and families are filling their cars and driving around to see this year’s lights.

Christmas Lights In Jackson

“We’re just out here driving around looking at lights with our family. Just had Christmas Eve-Eve dinner downtown at Do’s Eat Place, and we’re just burning off some extra calories and looking at some lights,” said Jennifer Covellis.

There are several lights to see in the Jackson community.

You can see a few on Bethany Street, Richland Cove, and the popular Millstream Drive.

“I just try to show them a tradition that my mom did with me when we were young and this and that, you know. Good things we saw this on Facebook and couldn’t believe it was in Jackson,” said Travis Long.

Although Christmas lights may be a favorite of many, what most are excited for is what’s under the tree.

Some say a hover board, some hope for monster trucks, and others a dollhouse.

But in the end, many say they are just glad to be surrounded by the people they love.

Lights in Jackson include:

  • Richland Cove
  • 236 Millstream
  • Liberty Garden Park
  • Sunhaven Drive
  • Ramblewood Drive
  • Shadrack’s Christmas Wonderland at the Ballpark
  • 1675 Coburn Road in Brownsville
  • 54 Bethany Drive
  • Northwood Street
  • Crescent Avenue

You can find a list of lights around West Tennessee here.

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