Jackson native shares his inspirational story

MEDON, Tenn. — Jackson native shares his inspiring story of moving forward and overcoming a tragic event.

A former Jackson resident shared his inspirational story of how he overcame becoming a double amputee.

Joshua Cobb lost both his legs in a forklift accident December 22, 2017.

He tells the grueling story of how it all happened.

“When I was bending down picking a box up, when I looked up, the guy was on my left leg and it hit my knee. When he hit me on the knee it instantly came off, my left leg instantly popped off. So I reached to grab him and he rode back on my right foot and crushed all the bones on my foot. So that’s how I became a double amputee. Instantly, I went into prayer mode and never thought nothing else about it. I started praying telling God please don’t let me die. I’m not ready to die, I got a kid, I want to live. I just kept calling his name and I’m here now,” Cobb said.

Cobb says if it wasn’t for his co-workers reassuring him that he would survive, he would of died that day.

“I laid there for like 21 minutes on the cold concrete floor talking to a guy that was coming in on the first shift, because I worked third shift. He held my hand, so you know I’m still here so,” Cobb said.

He says he still faces mental and physical problems that will never go away.

Cobb explained that it takes more than 12 times the effort just to take a single step in prosthesis.

“It’s so much you got to do different to walk again. You got to use muscles you wouldn’t even imagine you got to use. So especially with hips and core and all of that. It all plays a part, different than just saying hey I’m fixing to get up and walk,” Cobb said.

However, Cobb says even though he lost both his legs that will not stop him from moving forward.

“When I lost my legs, I couldn’t finish school cause I had to rebuild my life all over again. Now I’m getting a little better, so I’m fixing to try. My next goal is to try finishing HVAC heating and cooling and I’m going to get into the social world. You know that’s what’s popping now, so I might do a couple of TikToks and a Youtube channel or whatever. So just be on the lookout,” Cobb said.

Cobb says he’s working on a comic book called ‘The Bionic Man’ to inspire people with disabilities like him.

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