Local private schools opened their doors to potential students

JACKSON, Tenn. — Several private schools allowed parents and potential students to tour their campuses.

USJ and JCS held open houses for potential students and families who’d like to attend.

“When they walk in this building, I hope they feel love, love for each other and God’s love. And in the building they will see the things that they’re children do everyday,” said Linda Bradford, director JCS Elementary.

JCS offers a wide array of specialty classes for their lower grade students like robotics, Spanish classes, music and more.

“Their talking to them about they’re curriculum, what they do with the children, the activities they have planned for the year, fun things that they do and how they keep students engaged, and how they can learn throughout the year,” said director, JCS Early Learning Village.

Along with JCS, USJ also opened their doors as well, showing families what it means to be a USJ Bruin.

“We have an extremely rigorous academic curriculum. We challenge students every single day to give their best and be their best. We want our students to be their best academically, artistically, and athletically,” said Margaret Livingston, director USJ Middle School.

Both schools serve students from infants to high school seniors, providing students with the best education there is.

“It’s always scary to start at a new school but USJ really is a place, no matter who you are and no matter what you’re interested in, you can find your people and you can have an outlet to express what you love,” said Sadie Hannah, senior USJ High school.

If you’d like to set up a tour or shadow either school, you can contact the school’s main offices.

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