Audit committee talks Equestrian Park

JACKSON, Tenn. — Tuesday, the Madison County Audit Committee held a meeting to discuss the finances of Madison County.

The main topic of the meeting was the Equestrian Park, the discussion of construction, and how they are going to handle it.

They received a grant from the state, but there are still costs that they need to address.

As for the American Rescue Plan, there’s $17.2 million left.

The committee is looking at how they can put majority of that money into the Pope School project and address some issues at Beech Bluff Schools.

“We have a lot of really good challenges right now with things; Blue Oval coming in and Great Wolf Lodge. We need to make sure that we’re making good decisions with the money that we have,” said Budget Committee Chairman Doug Stephenson.

The next budget meeting will be held on Feb. 15.

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