Warmer & More Humid & Showers all in the Forecast

Wednesday Night Forecast Update

Wednesday Night Forecast Update for June 29th:

We will stay day tonight, but shower chances will return to the region on Thursday. They will be scattered and of the pop up variety, so it will be tough to pin point when and where the showers and weak storms will develop; so be sure to stay weather aware to your surrounding this week and weekend while outside. We will have your complete three day weekend forecast coming up as well as a look at some popular travel destinations forecast coming up right here.

May be an image of map and text that says 'STORM TEAM WEATHER wbbjtv.com WBBJ 7 FORECAST RAIN Tuesday 6:00 PM 0.2" 0.1" Union City 0. 0.1" Tiptonville Martin 0.1" Dyersburg 0.2" Paris 0.1" Trenton 0.1" Ripley 0.4" Huntingdon Camden Alamo 0.1" 0.1" Covington Brownsville 0.2" Jackson 0.4" Lexington 0.3" Parsons Henderson 0.2" Memphis 0.2" 0.2" Somerville Bolivar THERE IS NOT A LOT OF RAIN HEADING OUR WAY FROM THURSDAY UNTIL NEXT TUESDAY, BUT THERE WILL BE CHANCES FOR SHOWERS EACH DAY. DON'T COUNT ON THEM, BUT CONSIDER IT A BLESSING IF GET LUCKY. 0.4" Selmer 0.2" Savannah'


If you are driving a few hundred miles in any direction around West Tennessee for the upcoming holiday weekend, be prepared for some afternoon and evening pop up shower and storm chances. The severe weather threat will be low this weekend but each day will bring a chance for some shower activity. Do not cancel your plans, but be aware of the possibility of dodging a few weak storms.

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Mostly clear skies will linger for most of the night across West Tennessee. Chances for showers are less then 10% but a quick rain shower or two cannot be ruled out along the Mississippi border. An increase in the humidity from last night will allow overnight lows to be a bit higher and temperatures will drop down to around 70°. The winds will be calm most of the night or a few MPH out of the south.


Rain chances a few isolated storms are expected to return to our area on Thursday. Severe weather is NOT expected but some storm activity will be possible. The skies will become partly cloudy into the afternoon and the wind will come out of the southeast most of the day. Highs will make it up to around 90°. Chances for rain sit around 30-40%. Thursday night temperatures will fall down to around 70°.

May be an image of map, sky and text that says 'STORM TEAM WEATHER THE NEXT 48 HOURS Thursday 9:30 PM wbbjtv.com Î Jackson Little Rock Dallas Knoxville HUMID Atlanta Jackson Montgomery Houston 8 New Orleans SHOWERS & A FEW POP UP STORMS WILL RETURN TO WEST TN. STARTING ON THURSDAY WILL STICK AROUND INTO THE UPCOMING 3 DAY WEEKEND AS A LOW PRESSURE SYSTEM MOVES TO THE SOUTH. Tampa.- Tallahassee'



Partly cloudy skies and some isolated shower activity will continue into the day on Friday. Highs again will make it up to around 90° with overnight lows dropping down to around 70°. The winds will come out of the south increasing the humidity some into the afternoon and evening hours.


The weekend weather will be very similar to what we are expecting for both Thursday and Friday. Partly cloudy skies and some pop up showers and weak storms are expected for both days. Highs this weekend will again top out around 90° with morning lows starting in the low 70s. Not everyone will see rain this weekend but like last Sunday, everyone is going to get a pretty decent chance. Severe storms seem unlikely this weekend but it is something we will be tracking all week in the 7 Storm Team Weather Center.

4th OF JULY:

Partly clouds skies will be sticking around and the winds will stay light out of the southwest for Monday. Just like over the weekend, some pop up showers and weak storms will be possible in the afternoon and early evening hours. Severe storms are not expected but some lightning and brief heavy rain could be possible with any of the cells that do pop up. Highs will make it up into the low to mid 90s and temperatures will be in the 80s for the firework shows. Low 70s can be expected overnight though.


Highs will be in the mid 90s for most of next week and chances for some pop up showers or storms will continue to stick around for most of the forecast. The winds will come out of the southwest for most of the week keeping the humidity around as well.  Morning lows will drop into the mid 70s for the majority of the week as well and mostly sunny to partly cloudy skies will hang around each afternoon.


We saw our first +95° day on the year in June and some mid to upper 90s are expected over the next few weeks as well. The official start of summer kicked off on Tuesday June 21st, and there will be more chances for severe weather  and heat waves though as we approach the start of summer. So you need to stay weather aware to changing weather patterns and monitor the forecasts closely. We got you covered in the WBBJ 7 Storm Team Weather Center as always.

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