McKenzie mayoral candidates interview for 2022 election

Two candidates are in the running for mayor of McKenzie: Current Mayor Jill Holland and her opponent, Ryan Griffin.

McKenzie Mayoral Candidates

When asked about what experience they had, they said:

Jill Holland

“Well, like I said, I have 24 years in public service. I know our school system. I was on the school board for eight years and also I served as vice chairman of the school board. I have six years with city council, and then I have been mayor since November of 2010.”

Ryan Griffin

“I may not have the public service experience that one may think you have to have, but I believe I have the leadership ability and the personal relationships with those in the community that we can continue to grow McKenzie and become the place that everyone loves.”

When asked what issues they wanted to address, they said:

Jill Holland

“Like I said, our number one concern is safety, and that’s where most of our funding goes. And our citizens deserve that safety. And whatever we can do to protect them, that’s what we want to do.”

Ryan Griffin

“Empowering our police force and building it up through mentorship and training, to having an emphasis on our park and recreation, and maintaining what we currently have while investing in the future so that future generations can enjoy the fruits of our labor.”

When asked what set them apart from their opponents, they each replied:

Jill Holland

“What sets me apart from my opponents is the experience, the relationships that I’ve developed through the years. It’s great if you’re on the state or national level to say, ‘I have a vision to lower taxes,’ or ‘I have a vision for us to all come together.’ How do you make that happen?”

Ryan Griffin

“I believe I differ from my opponent because I have a fresh set of eyes on an old set of problems. I believe I bring a marketing and digital media background, as well as a recruitment and relational building skills that is needed to help grow McKenzie.”

Election Day is Tuesday, November 8. Find sample ballots here.

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