Cold Rain, Wintry Mix or Snow All Possible Saturday Morning

Thursday Night Forecast Update

Thursday Night Forecast Update for November 10th:

A big time cold front will move through West Tennessee Friday evening and temperatures will plummet into Saturday morning. A cold rain will show up after midnight and try to transition to a wintry mix or possibly some light snow around sunrise. The further north you are, they more likely you will see snow. The further south of Jackson, the more likely you will just get a cold rain. Regardless we are not expecting snow accumulations but the forecast all hangs around a temperature difference of a couple degrees as the showers move through. There are more chances for showers including maybe wintry mix concerns into next week as well. We will sort it all out for you and have the latest forecast here.

May be an image of map, sky and text that says 'STORMT TEAM WEATHER STORM TEAM 7 WEATHER FUTURECAST SAT 4:00 AM RAIN 32-34° ED Tiptonville Union City Martin SNOW Paris Dyersburg Trenton Camden Huntingdon Ripley Alamo 34-36° Brownsville Covington Jackson Lexington Parsons Henderson AS THE COOLER AIR MOVES IN IT WILL MIX WITH SOME LIGHT SHOWERS SATURDAY MORNING. THE FASTER THE COLD MOVES IN THE MORE LIKELY WE WILL SEE A WINTRY MIX OR SNOW MOVING IN TO WEST TN. THINGS COULD GO EITHER WAY AS OF NOW FOR US. Memphis Somerville Bolivar Selmer Savannah 36-38°'



The hurricane made landfall just south of Vero Beach around 3 a.m. ET on the east coast of the Florida Peninsula on North Hutchinson Island, with sustained winds estimated to be around 75 mph, the National Hurricane Center said. The storm will bring clouds and maybe a few showers to West Tennessee. Shower chances are highest for areas east of Madison County along the Tennessee River. Most of the rain across West Tennessee will fall in the middle and eastern sections of the state.

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Clouds will increase Thursday night and some isolated bands of rain from some of the outermost bands of the Tropical system Nicole could drift far enough to the west to impact us.  The best chances for rain will be areas east of Jackson. Thursday night lows will remain mild and fall down to the mid 50s by Friday morning. The winds on Thursday will remain light and out of the southeast for one more day before the next cold front targets the Mid South on Friday bringing brisk northwest winds with it.


The timing of the cold front on Friday will determine if highs will fall short of 70° or not even climb out of the 50s. The later in the day the front shows up the warmer temperatures will reach in the afternoon. We are expecting cooler weather to move in Friday night and the front probably will show up in time to impact the Friday night football playoffs across West Tennessee. It is going to be close either way and it is something you should monitor during the week if you plan on attending any games on Friday. We think the front is going to be a mostly dry front and not bring any thunderstorms or heavy rain showers to the region. There is a chance though for some light snow showers or a brief period of cold rain early Saturday morning if enough moisture is still hanging around from the tropical system. Worst case is we get a dusting of light snow but some flurries or a wintry mix seem more likely if we see anything showers at all from the front for most of us. Friday night lows will drop down to the low 30s.

May be an image of text that says 'STORM TEAM WEATHER wbbjtv.c CHALLENGING FORECAST Tropical Storm & Cold Front Coming Together Friday A tropical storm system and cold front will both head for West Tennessee on Friday impacting our weather! There are many variables at play as far as snow chances.. 1st, will the cold air move in quick enough Friday night 2nd, will there be enough moisture left behind after Nicole moves out to even produce any showers at all.'



There is a chance for some light snow showers, flurries, brief wintry mix or cold rain between midnight and Saturday mid morning, but we are not expecting much. We will keep an close eye though on the forecast as the system gets a little closer. The weekend is going bring in possibly the coldest weather we have seen so far this fall. Lows will drop below freezing for both Saturday and Sunday nights and some upper teens or low 20s cannot be ruled out as of now.

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The current forecast has lows dropping into the mid 20s both nights this weekend in Jackson. The high temperatures will not be any better and only reaching the mid to maybe upper 40s for both days. We should see mostly sunny skies by Saturday afternoon but a northwest breeze on top of the cold weather will make for a very chilly weekend for all of us. Be sure to remember the 4 p’s again this weekend as people, pipes, pets and plants will all be impacted from the weekend cold. Cold weather is expected to continue into the beginning of next week as well.

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Monday will start out cool in the mid to upper 20s, with afternoon highs reaching up to only around 50°. Partly cloudy skies are expected Monday with increasing clouds Monday night and some late showers could return overnight. Monday night lows could fall anywhere from the low 30s to low 40s making for a tricky forecast into Tuesday next week. There is a chance at some heavy shower activity next Tuesday which is most likely to fall as a cold rain. But depending on the temperature and timing of the system, some flurries or a wintry mix could try to show up as well.  A lot of factors will have to line up for that to happen, but it is possible. Highs on Tuesday will only reach the upper 40s and will be back down near freezing again Tuesday night into Wednesday morning.


All of West Tennessee saw our first frost and freeze earlier in October and another cold spell is on the way this weekend. This weekend will bring our first snow chance of the season but right now we are not expecting much if anything at all; but it is something we are watching very closely and again into early next week. On top of the colder weather, we sometimes see storms develop in November and we could see more storms again later in the month. There also appears to be another hurricane developing later this weekend east of Florida that may try to move into the Gulf of Mexico as well so we are watching that closely too. You need to stay weather aware to changing weather patterns and monitor the forecasts closely. We got you covered in the WBBJ 7 Storm Team Weather Center as always.

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