Crews prep to keep roads clear ahead of winter weather

JACKSON, Tenn. — As our weather team has predicted later in the week, West Tennessee may experience some adverse road conditions.

The Tennessee Department of Transportation has been working for two days to prepare the roads for ice and snow.

They have been utilizing a 500 personnel workforce to deploy a salt-brine mixture on the roads. This special mixture, that is only used in very cold temperatures, is made of salt and a few additives, such as calcium chloride.

This mixture heats up the road in order to dissolve any ice that may freeze on it.

“When the temperatures are lower than just your normal, you know, mid-20s, 30s, when it drops below that we need to add something in there that makes it a little more hot,” said Nichole Lawrence, the Community Relations Officer for TDOT.

If you need to travel during the adverse road conditions, the Tennessee Highway Patrol will be keeping you safe while on the road.

In order to ensure safe travels, THP officials say it is important to prepare yourself before leaving.

You can do so by making sure your phone is completely charged in case of emergency, carrying blankets, and wearing clothes that would keep you warm in the occasion your vehicle breaks down.

In order to avoid motor vehicle wrecks, officials say to prepare yourself to stop long before you need to and make corners and turns slower than usual.

“But just know that take the weather is serious, and we don’t want anyone to get hurt or injured out here because of a bad decision in some bad weather,” Lawrence said.

The City of Jackson Street Department is preparing for the potential road conditions by having employees on standby by call system to begin salting the roads.

The street department will deploy these crews if they begin receiving calls about ice or snow on the roads.

The crews will start with bridges and underpasses, and then if the roads are bad enough, move on to hot spots like the hospital, fire, and police departments.

“What we basically do is kind of watch the bridges and overpasses. Once we start getting calls on it or we see that we need to start hitting them, that’s when we will start having crews coming in, standing by, and go from that point,” said Johnny Weddle, the Superintendent of the Street Department.

Make sure you stay up-to-date with our weather service to learn more about road conditions and the forecast in the upcoming days.

Find live radar, hour-by-hour forecasts and more in the WBBJ Weather app.

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