Women’s History Month • Week 4

Kimberley Harville

Kimberley HarvilleHs Kimharville


District Manager of WM

What’s New at WM?

WM is implementing a “People First” atmosphere which welcomes and observes everyone. Which includes diversity and inclusion of all people in different walks of life. On a monthly basis we showcase our impact groups that include WEN, LGTBQ, Valor, Unified, and Prism.Wmfeat

Does women’s history month hold a special meaning to you?Img 7162

I like that we are reminded of the women that helped fulfill our destiny.

Is there a woman in history that you look up or admire? If so, why? Does their life/work affect you now? If so, how?

I have chosen to showcase Leonora O’Reilly. She paved the way for women in the labor force and she was an activist, feminist, suffragist. ]Equality and equal pay for women is what she fought for. As well, she pioneered the road for empowerment for women and this movement enables females to have a voice and a vote in today’s workforce.

What challenges do you believe women face today that you would like to see change?

I feel that there is a stigma which, in today’s world still dictates a woman’s abilities, we have come a long way in this area, yet still more actions are necessary to open minds.

Special thanks to our sponsors: Jodie Parrish, Coffman’s Home Furnishings, and Woman’s Clinic. For more Women’s History, click here.

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