Women’s History Month • Week 5

Julanne Stone

Julanne StoneHs Julannestone


Executive Director, Scarlet Rope Project

What’s new at the Scarlet Rope Project?

A lot is going on at Scarlet Rope! We just finished building our new home and moved in the beginning of February. The beautiful home allows us toScreen Shot 2023 03 06 At 121351 Pm provide a safe home of healing and restoration to more survivors. We can house 9 women in the new home. Also, we now have a designated technology room for school work and job applications as well as a larger kitchen, social gathering space and office space. We also are currently working on our biggest fundraiser of the year, Crawfest on April 22. This is a great family event at Hub City Brewing. We will be boiling around 1000lbs crawfish and 1000lbs shrimp. And we are looking for sponsors to help us meet our goal of raising $100,000!

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Is there a woman in history that you look up to or admire? If so, why? Does their life/work affect you now? If so, how?

I have always admired the story of Esther and the scripture, “you were born for such a time as this” Esther 4:14. She represents a brave woman who has faith in God and is willing to be used by him despite her fear. She knows she must lean into the Lord for direction during this time and has faith he will protect her. This story in history proves he has gifted us with the things we will need for the places he will position us. 

Would you like to add anything?Screen Shot 2023 03 06 At 121441 Pm

I am grateful to lead an organization that is surrounded by faithful, powerful, and God fearing women.  We each have our place in the story of Scarlet Rope and we each have used our God given talents to build a safe place of healing and restoration. Walking along the survivors that exemplify grit, perseverance and unconditional love, has added so much to my life and opened my eyes beyond myself.  It has shown me how much we all have to be thankful for and how God is always working behind the scene on our behalf.

Special thanks to our sponsors: Jodie Parrish, Coffman’s Home Furnishings, and Woman’s Clinic. For more Women’s History, click here.

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