Jackson Central-Merry: Sanaa Johnson

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Sanaa Johnson

Middle Tennessee State University, Pre-Physical Therapy – Soccer

Why did you first choose your sport?

I first chose my sport because it was very fun and competitive. It also just came so normal to me.

Are you excited for college?

Yes, I am extremely excited for college. I can’t wait to see what it has in store for me and my future.

What is your favorite memory from your athletic career in high school?

My favorite memory from high school would probably be when I played this season with North Side. We had to play in the rain and I scored my first goal of that season.

What about your sport, brings you the most joy?

I think what brings me the most joy about soccer is being able to make amazing bonds with the people you’re playing with. That and being able to do what you all love together.

What’s your advice to future student-athletes?

My advice to future athletes would probably be to always stay focused! Always keep grinding, even when you may feel like your grind isn’t getting anywhere or you don’t see it. I promise you, someone else will! The sky’s the limit!

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