TDOT offers new tool on website

JACKSON, Tenn. — One app is making a difference not only for the state, but for the public.

Planning an across-the-state road trip or simply curious about local road conditions? The Tennessee Department of Transportation has you covered with a new resource to keep you in the know.

It’s sourced mostly through iTrip.

On the website for the department’s county profile tool, you can see multiple tabs containing links to various sites of information.

Some of the links included are economic data, employment data, information on infrastructure, and energy data.

Inside of the infrastructure tab, there are revenues for air transportation, a percentage graph of bridge conditions across the state, and more.

If you click the transportation icon, you can get an idea of how Tennesseans travel, whether they stay at home, or if they have to commute.

It will also give you an idea of the reasons for the travel.

The employment tab gives you a look into how many people are employed, their ages, and the type of work category their job is through, along with how many hours they are working.

Another great resource is the iTrip link, found in the frequently asked questions. It leads you to an interactive map that you can view the state as a whole, look at projects going on across counties, and add other relevant filters.

One thing to keep in mind when using the TDOT County Profile tool is it works best on computers. When using with a tablet or mobile device, there could be some performance issues.

To check out this new tool visit, click here.

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