Bemis revisits the past with a special event

JACKSON, Tenn.—People get in touch with their roots at a local event.

Bemis Heritage Day was celebrated on Saturday at the Bemis Mill Village Museum that was built between 1920-1921.

There was entertainment, many great pieces showcasing Bemis history that people could view, and speeches where many people shared stories of the past.

“We have a bunch of folks here, a few hundred, that are talking about the old days or their old days and most of the people here are pretty old,” said Joel Jackson, Chairman Bemis Historical Society.

Jackson says over the years that several mayors in the past have presented a few proclamations. He also explained that they have this Heritage Day on May 20 every year, due to it being the birthday of the founder of Bemis Judson Bemis.

“So we picked his birthday the first time around and from then on it became a good time to start celebrating spring,” Jackson said.

Many people were in attendance to show their support, as well as enjoy all of the rich history that the event had to offer.

The Heritage Day for Bemis has been celebrated for over 20 years now.

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