September marks National Preparedness Month

JACKSON, Tenn. – September is National Preparedness Month.

National disasters are becoming more and more frequent these days, so taking some time to prepare for these situations is a very important thing.

Caty Kobe, Nextdoor’s Head of Community, says over the last 10 years nearly 90% of US counties have had to declare some sort of natural disaster or state of emergency.

“Preparedness is really really important. Though September is the month where we try to raise extra awareness about preparedness, it is important to be prepared and have a plan all throughout the year. Because you never know what kind of disaster may end up hitting your local area,” Kobe said.

While we focus on preparedness month, what are some disasters that we may run into?

“Right now we are starting to feel the height of hurricane season. Obviously, wildfire risks are pretty high still on a lot of parts in the west coast. September is very much about reminding people that we are about to get into the fall and winter months where we will start to see more snow and storm related disasters. So we have to keep our eye on the ball so to speak,” Kobe said.

So what are some ways that we can prepare? Kobe says one great way to prepare is by getting to know the people that live around you. Not only could they potentially be of great help to you during a disaster, but you can also help them.

“So I always like to think of preparedness from the perspective of before, during and after a particular event. In advance of an event, it’s always great to take the time to get to know the people that you live nearest to because oftentimes folks in that local proximity will be the people that you need to reach out to for help if you really need it,” Kobe said.

Nextdoor is a useful app to download to stay connected with those that live around you. 

Research shows that well-connected neighbors are more resilient in disaster situations.

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