Alamo PD Looking for Mailbox Arsonist

This video is no longer available.

The person who set fire to a mailbox in front of Alamo City Hall broke a Federal Law. According to title 18, section 1705 of the law, the person responsible could be sentenced to up to three years in prison and face a fine of $250,000. “Unaware to a lot of people, this is a federal offense,” said Alamo Fire Chief Timmy Williams. If convicted, it carries a harsh penalty and it’s something that’s kind of unheard of.” Just feet away from where the mailbox fire was set, used matches were found in an envelope in a water department drop box and unused matches in an envelope were found in another drop box on the steps of City Hall. “There was a bunch of mail in there. That is in a plastic box and some type of ignition lit it and then all the mail just lit,” said Alamo Police Chief Gary Skipper. There is no security camera overlooking the property. Officials said they are looking into getting a camera. Fourteen members of the fire department responded to the fire. “It was a surprise to the Fire Department. You respond to alot of different calls but this is a first,” said Fire Chief Williams. Fingerprints from the envelope inside of the drop box in City Hall were found and sent to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation. “We have several leads but none have panned out yet,” said Police Chief Skipper

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