Man Injured During a Home Invasion

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JACKSON, Tenn – A home invasion early this morning sent a family scrambling for safety after bullets were fired into their North Jackson home. The bullets barely missed hitting a seven-month-old baby sleeping in a crib, but did hit on man in the foot. The man’s mother, Barbara Turner, said they were all asleep when it happened, “they didn’t care what children or old people were here. They just didn’t care. They were heartless.” Lt. Mike Landreth said there could be more than one gunman involved, but right now it’s unclear why this home was targeted. “They kicked in the door and they had to stay on the steps or whatever. He’s saying they didn’t probably enter the house at all,” Turner said. The shots, according to Turner, came down the hallway towards the back bedrooms and low to the ground… just feet away from the crip where Turner’s seven-month-old grandson was sleeping. “I only have three grandbabies and that’s the last one. I’d be really hurt if something was to happen to any of them. My grandbabies are my heart, as well as my kids,” Turner said, crying. “People should know who should be traveling in their neighborhood. Especially on a cove street. Just be alert for anything out of the ordinary,” Lt. Landreth said. If you know anything about this crime, or see anything supicious happening in your neighborhood, please call Jackson Police.

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