Garbage Truck Catches Fire Feet Away From Gas Station Pumps

JACKSON, Tenn. – An unbelievable scene played out in south Jackson as a waste management truck burst into flames at the Raceway gas station, Thursday morning. “I got up to look to see what happened, and it was the garbage truck on fire, basically engulfed,” said Title Cash employee Dwana Chilcote, who works next door. “It was really close to the gas pumps and the tanks, and we usually keep a very huge amount of gas underground,” said Raceway manager Sam Zaki. Waste Management officials said the garbage truck initially caught fire near the store’s dumpster, but the driver was able to put out that fire. Shortly after 9 a.m., it reignited in the corner of the parking lot, near the neighboring Title Cash store. “I ran outside to remove my car and got away from the building because I was afraid the gas pumps would explode as well,” said Chilcote. When the Raceway workers saw the flames they not only called 911, but immediately went into action. “When they saw that, they went outside and shut the gas off from all the gas tanks and all the gas pumps,” said Zaki. The cause of the fire is under investigation, but Waste Management officials said it appears to be an electrical issue. Fire officials said the situation was handled well, but the driver probably should have called them the first time he saw flames. “It might have been out (and) it might not,” said Captain Joe Cole of the Jackson Fire Department. “Obviously it restarted; it rekindled for some reason, and it would’ve been a little easier if we’d been there and caught it first.” Waste Management officials said they believe this was an accidental, isolated incident, but they are continuing their investigation.

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