Major Winter Storm to Impact West Tennessee Late Sunday into Monday

Friday Night Forecast Update

Friday Night Forecast for February 12th:

In general, the forecast models either stayed steady or increased their snowfall forecasts for West Tennessee this evening. Due to that, we have increased our snowfall estimates across the region a bit for Sunday evening through Monday.

May be an image of map and text that says 'STORM TEAM WEATHER WINTER STORM WATCH SUNDAY EVENING MONDAY EVENING All snow likely in the Dyersburg area Ridgely Union City Martin Paris Jackson may start out as sleet then change to all snow. Dyersburg Trenton Ripley Camden Huntingdon Alamo Jackson Brownsville Covington Savannah a mixture of freezing rain & sleet may occur. Memphis Lexington Parsons Henderson Somerville Bolivar Selmer Savannah' May be an image of map, sky and text that says 'STORM TEAM WEATHER FORECAST SNOWFALL SUNDAY EVENING MONDAY EVENING 0.00"-0.10"ICE 0.00"-0 8-12" of SNOW Union City Tiptonville Martin Paris Dyersburg 0.10"- 0.25" ICE 4-8" of SNOW Trenton Ripley Huntingdon Camden Alamo ackson Covington Brownsvile Lexington Parsons Henderson TERSTATE 40 emphis Somerville Bolivar Selmer Savannah 0.25"- 0.50" ICE 2-4" of SNOW'

The wind chill will be down near 10° tonight and Saturday highs will reach 30°. Sunday expect upper 20s and an evening wintry mix turning over to snow which will increase in intensity and coverage on Monday. Models are showing a thick layer of ice blanketed by several inches of snow here in Jackson. Ice totals will be highest near Hardin county and snow totals will be highest near Lake county. We will tell you everything you need to know about the incoming storm right here.

May be an image of text that says 'STORMTEAM WEATHER EURO MODEL ICE FORECAST 07 Tiptonville STRMTE WEATHER Dyersburg Trenton 0.05" MODEL ICE FORECAST 6:00AM Brownsville U.03 0.03" Henderson Dyersburg 0.04" Memphis Bolivar 0.03" Selmer Savannah Brownsvill Parsons STORMTEM STORM WEATHER 0.03" Memphis Somerville Bolivar NAM MODEL ICE FORECAST Tuesday AM Selmer 0.20" Savannah 0.37" Trenton 0.49" Huntingdon Camden Covington Brownsville Lexingion 0.49" Somerville 0.42" Memphis Bolivar 0.56" Savannah THE HIGHEST ICE TOTALS ARE EXPECTED το BE SOUTHEAST OF MADISON COUNTY. WE ARE LEANING TOWARD THE EURO MODEL AS HAVING THE BEST HANDLE ON MONDAY'S INCOMING WINTER STORM. BE PREPARED FOR ALL POSSIBLE SCENARIOS THOUGH!' May be an image of map and text that says 'STORM TEAM WEATHER EURO MODEL SNOW FORECAST 11.8" STORMTEAM WEATHER Dyersburg 10.0" Ripley GFS MODEL Camden SNOW FORECAST 9.3" 11:0" Covington Brownsville 10.2" Parsons Somerville Oyersburg 3.8" Memphis 4.6" avannah Selmer Camden STORM TEAM WEATHER 14.1" Memphis Bolivar SNOWFALL NAM MODEL Tuesday 7:00A Selmer Savannah Tiptonyille Dyersburg 2.3" 1.0" Camder Alamo Covington Brownsville 0.7" Bolivar 2.7" Memphis Henderson 0.1" Savannah Selmer THE HIGHEST SNOW TOTALS ARE EXPECTED το BE NORTHWEST OF MADISON COUNTY. WE ARE LEANING TOWARD THE EURO MODEL AS HAVING THE BEST HANDLE ON MONDAY'S INCOMING WINTER STORM. BE PREPARED FOR ALL POSSIBLE SCENARIOS THOUGH'


Expect a cloudy and cold night across West Tennessee. We could see some light freezing drizzle but accumulations are not expected but some slick spots could still be possible. The winds will be breezy out of the north putting the winds chill in the low teens or upper single digits at times. Overnight lows will drop into the low 20s.


Cloudy skies will remain and it will be a mostly dry day.  Some light drizzle cannot be ruled out and winds will stay out of the north. The wind chill most of the day will be down to around 20°. If you have things to do to get prepared for the incoming winter storm, get them done on Saturday.


We should start out cold around 20° and the first half of the day is expected to be dry. It will be cloudy and cold in the morning. By the afternoon temperatures will climb into the mid to upper 20s. The evening we are expecting a wintry mix and the first rounds of the storm are expected to show up. As the night goes on, the wintry mix is likely to turn over to all snow in the Jackson area. Sunday night temperatures will drop down to around 15°. Ice and snow accumulations will be minimal on Sunday.

May be an image of map, sky and text that says 'STORM TEAM WEATHER com FUTURECAST EURO MODEL SUN 6:00 PM RAIN MIXED Union City 22° SNOW Martin 22° Paris 24° Dyersburg 22° Trenton 23° Alamo 23° Hunti Huntingdon 25° Camden 27° 21° Brownsville 23° Covington 22° Lexington 28° Jackson 25° Henderson 27° Parsons 28° Memphis 22° Somerville 23° Bolivar 26° Selmer 28° Savannah 30°'


The meat and potatoes of the winter storm will start Monday morning and increase in intensity and coverage into the afternoon. Heavy snow is expected with the potential of very high totals before the storms clears out Monday night. Highs Monday will only reach the upper teens. If the skies clear out Monday night, we could drop down to the mid single digits.  Expect to see major impacts from this storm system.

May be an image of map, sky and text that says 'STORM TEAM WEATHER FUTURECAST -EURO MODEL MON 5:00 PM RAIN MIXED SNOW 15° 18° Martin 18° Paris 20° Dyersburg 16° Trenton 19° Alamo 18° Camden 24° 20° Ripley 16° Brownsville 18° Coving ton 17° Lexington 25° Jackson 20° Henderson 22° Parsons 25° Memphis 15° Somerville 18° Bolivar 20° Selmer 26° Savannah 26°'


A VERY COLD start to Tuesday is expected with morning lows in the single digits with a wind chill near or below zero. Expect partly cloudy skies with highs only reaching the mid teens.


Long term forecast models are showing another winter storm heading our way. The chances for ice, ice and snow, or all snow are all a possibility. We will be keeping a close eye on this next storm and will hope to have a better idea as to what to expect on Tuesday.

Each system could pack a serious punch as they come by and we will watching those systems closely in the WBBJ Storm Team Weather Center.

Storm Team Chief Meteorologist
Joel Barnes
Instagram: @joelbarnes13

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