Next Cold Front Coming Late Friday, Gusty Storms are Likely

Thursday Night Forecast Update

Thursday Night Forecast for April 8th:

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A complicated storm system will move through West Tennessee Friday evening into early Saturday morning. Models are starting to show some individual storm cells developing in our region between 5-10 PM and a line of storms coming by overnight. Straight line winds will be the main threat, but a couple tornadoes will also be possible. Catch the latest details on this tricky forecast right here.

May be an image of map, sky and text that says 'STORM STORMTEAM TEAM WEATHER THE NEXT 48 HOURS COOL Friday 9:50 PM Wichita St. Louis Oklahoma City LittleRock Little FUTURECAST HRRR MODEL FRI 7:00 PM RAIN Jackson MIXED SNOW Union City Tiptonville Martin Paris Dyersburg Jackson Trenton Dallas WARM Ripley Huntingdon Camden Alamo Covington Jackson Brownsville Lexington Houston Parsons Henderson New Orleans Somerville Bolivar Selmer Savannah'


Skies will remain partly cloudy and the winds will remain breezy at times and come out of the southwest. Overnight lows will drop into the mid 50s and we will be dry all night long.

The next chance for storms will return on Friday. As of now most of the area is only under a marginal risk (1/5), but that is expected to change and the Storm Team Weather Center expects most of West Tennessee to be upgraded to a slight risk (2/5) on Friday.  The tornado threat is minimal, but gusty winds are expected as the front passes by.

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Storms will come back late Friday night and some could be strong. As of now the severe weather threat is pretty low, but recent model runs have been increasingly more intense on our storm chances in the evening and overnight into Saturday morning. Highs will reach the upper 70s on Friday and we will see mostly cloudy skies in the afternoon & evening. Winds will be breezy at times and come out of the south. Some of the model runs are hinting at a few evening storms showing up between 6 PM and 10 PM that could have the potential to rotate. But as of Thursday afternoon model runs, those storms do not appear to be a major threat for our viewing area.

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Storms chances are expected to increase overnight as a strong cold front will track though the area. Storms are expected to develop along a line between midnight and 2 AM crossing the Mississippi River.

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The line of gusty storms is forecast to move though Jackson between 2 AM and 4 AM and could be quite loud as it comes by.  Hail and tornadoes are not expected, but torrential rainfall, strong winds and plenty of lightning can be expected as the line passes by.

No description available.

The line should move out of West Tennessee and cross the Tennessee River between 4 AM and 6 AM early Saturday morning.

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Some localized flash flooding cannot be ruled out as 1-2″ of rainfall is the general forecast as the storm system passes and some areas picking up 3″ of rain will definitely be a possibility.

No description available.


Showers and wind storms should clear out by the time the sun comes up on Saturday. Clouds are expected to linger into the early afternoon before clearing out in the evening hours here in West Tennessee.  Highs should reach around 70° this weekend and morning lows should be around 60° Saturday morning and into the mid 40s and chilly on Sunday morning. Sunday should be sun packed though. Winds will come out of the west most of the weekend and will decrease from Saturday to Sunday as the storm system gets further away from our region.


Monday will be the warmest day next week and the only day during the work week with southerly winds. Another front is expected to pass through between Tuesday & Wednesday and the winds will begin to come out of the north. Monday we could hit the mid 70s, but 60s are in the forecast for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Severe weather does not appear to be in the forecast next week and as of now, Wednesday will be the most likely day to see some rain showers. Lows will be hanging around in the 40s most of the week.


We are now officially in Spring and starting to get near our peak severe weather season. So you need to stay weather aware to changing weather patterns and monitor the forecasts closely. We got you covered in the WBBJ 7 Storm Team Weather Center as always.

For tips on preparing for the storms, click here. To download the WBBJ 7 Weather app, click here.

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